Challenges and opportunities for detecting and measuring diffusion of scientific impact across heterogeneous altmetric sources


Brian Davis, Ioana Hulpus, Michael Taylor, Conor Hayes


Alternative Metrics is an inclusive term designed to capture the diversity of non-traditional measures of scientific innovation and impact. At its core, is the concept that the Web has empowered scientific and scholarly knowledge to influence far beyond its traditionally core audience of scientists and researchers. Of particular interest is the diffusion of scientific output across social media, mainstream news and official government policies. Text mining as well as network mining techniques can be applied to lift, link and analyse heterogeneous sources such as news, social media blogosphere and traditional bibliographic data sources. Current state-of-the-art techniques can greatly assist in capturing diffusion across hard or explicit links. However, capturing and measuring impact of soft or indirect forms of scholarly diffusion remains a challenging and difficult set of problems that require attention.

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On Developing Extraction Rules for Mining Informal Scientific References from Altmetric Data Sources


Waqas Khawaja, Michael Taylor,  Brian Davis


Altmetrics measure scientific impact outside of traditional scientific literature. We identify mentions of scientific research or entities like researchers, academic or research organizations in a corpus contain- ing blogs, articles, news items etc. We manually analysed the corpus for patterns of such informal mentions and then applied text mining tech- niques by developing extraction rules for mining informal mentions. We applied them to our development corpus and present our results. This work takes us closer to developing concrete altmetrics for determining research impact on news and public discourse ultimately leading to mea- suring impact of scientific research on government policies.

On Developing Extraction Rules for Mining Informal Scientific References from Altmetric Data Sources Poster

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Sophia: An Altmetric Analysis Prototype


John Lonican, Mohan Timilsina, Waqas Khawaja, Ioana Hulpus, Michael Taylor, Conor Hayes, Brian Davis


Sophia is the first version of a custom analysis prototype built in a collaboration between Insight Galway and Elsevier. The prototype aims to assist users in understanding research dissemination in sources other than traditional scientific publications, such as in social media, government documents and news sources.

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Heterogeneous Graphs for Academic Impact Assessment


Mohan Timilsina, Ioana Hulpus, Conor Hayes, Brian Davis


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