Project Overview

New SFI-funded Data Analytics Centre @ NUI Galway to collaborate with leading scientific publisher on Innovative “Scientometics” project

Elsevier Publishers, one of world’s leading scientific publishers, have announced an ambitious collaboration with the Insight Centre at NUI Galway. The Galway centre, formerly DERI,  is part of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics recently established by Science Foundation Ireland. The collaboration will focus on developing new scientometric techniques - that is, techniques for measuring the progress and impact of scientific and scholarly work. The Insight team will work on the development of a novel platform for incorporating various sources of scientometric information, both traditional (e.g. bibliometric) and new (e.g. social media) to capture a holistic view of scientific practice and discourse.

“While the use of citation data for measuring scientific impact is well established”, explains Professor Siegfriend Handshuh of Insight  Galway,  “it is far less clear how science propagates its influence through other channels, such as news publications, social media, government policy documents and so on.”

Elsevier is at the forefront of the development of several scientometric tools such as PURE, a platform to measure an organisation's research and collaboration strategies and accomplishments. It is envisaged that the collaboration with Insight Galway will lead to the development of novel scientometric services to complement and extend existing products such as PURE.

“Elsevier is delighted to be working with the new Insight Centre on this project” said Nick Fowler, Elsevier’s Managing Director of Academic and Government Institutional Markets, who is responsible for PURE and other products. “Working with an academic research partner lets us take on projects with a higher risk and reward than we normally could. That higher risk/reward approach is also enabled by the generous matching grant from the Irish government; otherwise we would not be able to dedicate four Ph.D. researchers for three years to such a project”.

“This is a very important collaboration for Insight”, according to Professor Handschuh, “as researchers, we have an interest in improving the way scientific information is communicated, used and measured. Partnering with Elsevier has given us an insight into real problems, real data  and challenges we would not have foreseen.”

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a joint initiative between University College Dublin, the National University of Ireland at Galway, University College Cork, and Dublin City University. The centre opened on July 1st, 2013 and has received funding in excess of €72m, from SFI and Industry sources, for research programmes spanning the next six years.